Cocoa For Generations Puts Our Cocoa Farmers First

At Mars we’ve been making chocolate and buying cocoa for more than 100 years, putting cocoa at the heart of our company’s long heritage. Four decades have been spent working in collaboration with others to achieve sustainable cocoa production. Cocoa is an integral ingredient in our beloved chocolate products and we know a sustainable cocoa sector is essential to ensure we can continue to provide chocolate for future generations of chocolate lovers. This means creating a cocoa sector where everyone, especially cocoa farmers, has the opportunity to thrive, human rights are respected, and the environment is protected.

Over the years we’ve made progress in tackling the environmental and social challenges facing the cocoa sector. However, we recognize that today’s cocoa supply chain does not deliver on our ambition for everyone along the chain to have the opportunity to thrive. The cocoa supply chain is broken, and current interventions are not enough to fix it. It was this realization, together with our company’s commitment to create mutual benefits for all as outlined in our Sustainable in a Generation Plan, which led us to launch the Cocoa for Generations strategy in 2018.

Backed by a $1 billion investment over 10 years, Cocoa for Generations places the interests of the smallholder farmer at its center. It’s how we hope to step-change efforts and invite the cocoa sector to partner with us in a new approach, given all we have learned over the years about what works and does not work. Today, we aim to focus efforts specifically on increasing farmer income and helping to safeguard children and forests, while creating a pathway for future cacao farmers, their families and communities to thrive. We cannot achieve these ambitions alone and welcome collaboration from civil society, governments, academics and other industry players.

We continuously seek to understand the most effective ways to address the challenges facing the sector and the impact our programs have had on farmers, their families, and communities to ensure we’re developing a procurement model that is future-ready and truly works for everyone for generations to come.?

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and we’re excited to share that in our very first Cocoa for Generations Report. ? ??

Download the report here to learn about our achievements including our Responsible Cocoa Specification, our ambitions to preserve forests in our Cocoa and Forests Approach, our evolved approach to human rights, and other ways that we place the interests of farming families first.

Ensuring?cocoa farmers can thrive is an objective that is too big for any one company to tackle alone and it requires intense effort from a wide range of other stakeholders. ?At Mars, we’re committed to sustainable leadership and developing approaches that are tailored to meet the varied challenges facing farmers in different parts of the world. We will continue to collaborate with farmer communities, cocoa suppliers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry groups, governments, and others to ensure the long-term sustainability of cocoa.


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